What information does Star Buyers Auction provide on its Product Information Screen?

Image: What information does Star Buyers Auction provide on its Product Information Screen?
Japan’s B2B online auctions are growing in popularity. One major online auction in Japan, Star Buyers Auction, lists more than 25,000 items every month. That’s why it’s chosen by buyers all over the world who want to purchase used luxury watches and jewelry.
When purchasing goods in an auction, it is important to have product information to use as a basis for bidding decisions. And, since online auctions don’t offer the opportunity to check the products in real life, it is essential to have a wealth of photos, explanations, and other information so customers can judge the condition of products. At Star Buyers Auction, we are working to expand this product information.
In this article, we examine what information is available on the Star Buyers Auction Product Information Screen (available to registered, logged-in users).

Detailed product information from Star Buyers Auction

Star Buyers Auction’s Product Information Screen provides not only basic information like the brand and model, but also product images taken from every angle, product condition after inspection, and a variety of other details. Let’s take a look at what information is available.

Product images

One listing can have up to 20 uploaded product images from various angles. You can smoothly zoom in and out on all images to check the product condition in detail. Listings also include images of Guarantee Cards (certificates of authenticity).
At Star Buyers Auction, product photos are handled by professional photographers.
"In our shoots, we emphasize the B2B sales perspective. While the attractiveness of the product is the important thing in B2C auctions, for B2B, you have to make the product condition clear. Star Buyers Auction uploads finely detailed images, which I think is a great advantage for buyers to use Star Buyers Auction." (Hirai, a photographer at Star Buyers Auction)  

Available information

The Product Information Screen shows information on various items by category, including bags, accessories, brand-name jewelry, and watches.

- For bags

- For accessories

Product condition

Star Buyers Auction assigns ranks to indicate product condition, using its own original eight-category standard for judgment.

So how does Star Buyers Auction gather such detailed product information?

Let’s take a look at how Star Buyers Auction gathers and registers the detailed product information on the Product Information Screen.
Step 1: Inspection and classification
Once the items to be listed arrive at the Star Buyers Auction offices, they are first classified by category and then inspected. To get a thorough grasp on the condition of the product, inspection is handled by staff who are specialized in the relevant product category.
Star Buyers Auction has established a list of required points to check for each category to understand a product’s condition. For watches, for example, Star Buyers Auction checks the following points, then records and publishes the information on the Product Information Screen.
  • Materials
  • Movement
  • Dial
  • Case condition
  • Belt/Buckle condition
  • Windshield condition
  • Belt looseness
  • Operationality
  • Spare links
  • Accessories (boxes, guarantees, replacement belts, spare links)
Star Buyers Auction also has watch repair technicians on staff to handle watches that are judged to require repair or maintenance.
Step 2: Determine authenticity
Star Buyers Auction checks whether the product was manufactured through the proper route. Jewelry is carefully evaluated by a Graduate Gemologist.(*)
*Graduate Gemologist:
A title awarded to gem specialists who have completed GIA Japan’s GG (Graduate Gemologist) program and passed the final examination. GGs have world-class skills and are active all over the globe.  
Step 3: Measurement
The product is measured and the correct values are entered. Star Buyers Auction uses mannequins and bracelet gauges to capture the size of apparel and accessories in a way that is easy to understand.
Step 4: Take product photos
Professional photographers take pictures of all listed items from various angles to accurately convey the material, texture, and other aspects of product condition.
Step 5: Enter information
The brand, model, model number, condition, and other product information are entered.
Star Buyers Auction also updates the Product Information Screen with new information about listed items so that partners can always find useful information. Remember that the product information will be updated as needed.

Want to get started in online auctions?

This is how Star Buyers Auction prepares product information for all of the approximately 25,000 items listed each month. The Product Information Screen is full of information to help you make bidding decisions and to be useful in your business.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via chatbot. Our chatbots are prepared to answer inquiries on the following subjects.(*)
*The question buttons are currently only available in Japanese.
If your question cannot be resolved by chatbot, our offices can handle it separately. Feel free to contact us here ( if you’re based in Japan and here ( if you’re based outside Japan.
Extensive support is available for customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any interest.
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