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Exploring the Appeal of STAR BUYERS AUCTION's New SaaS-Type Feature: Insights from the First User.​ ​ ​ ​
We had the opportunity to speak with an operator from REGATE Inc's purchase service "FUKUCHAN", the first to utilize the new SaaS-type feature. They shared insights on the decision to use this feature and its benefits.   
What are the benefits of using STAR BUYERS AUCTION, a Japanese auction?
In this article, we will introduce the benefits of using STAR BUYERS AUCTION a Japanese auction.
Top 15 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches in History
Patek Philippe is the brand that produces the most expensive watches in the world. In this article, we have collected the most valuable Patek Philippe watches. If you are looking for an expensive and valuable Patek Philippe, why not take a look at it?
List of the 17 Most Popular Dior Handbag
This article introduces 17 Christian Dior handbags that you should know about. We hope you will find your favorite among them.
Top 20 Most Expensive Rolex Watches in History
Rolex has a wide variety of items, but which model is the most valuable among them? In this article, we would like to introduce valuable items from the world's top watch brand "Rolex".
List of 8 Most Valuable Hermès Birkin Bags in History
When it comes to Hermès items that everyone admires, it's probably "Birkin". In this article, I would like to explain the most valuable Birkin, including the charm of Birkin.
Chanel bags in auctions: What makes them so popular, and what’s the best way to purchase them?
Chanel bags are popular all over the world. We spoke with a Star Buyers Auction expert to learn about popular models and the trading trends at business auctions, which make good purchasing routes.
How to Bid: Winning What You Want in B2B Online Auctions
Let’s go over a basic outline of Star Buyers Auction and how to bid.
What are the benefits of using business auctions for purchasing? Comments from international users of Star Buyers Auction
We asked Star Buyers Auction partners for their impressions of their experience with Star Buyers Auction and what benefits it offers.
I won something at Star Buyers Auction! How do I view the invoice and pay?
This article covers how to view an invoice and pay once you win something at Star Buyers Auction.

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