I won something at Star Buyers Auction! How do I view the invoice and pay?

Image: I won something at Star Buyers Auction! How do I view the invoice and pay?
Star Buyers Auction is used by buyers all over the world who want to purchase popular, high-quality products. In this article, we will cover how to view the invoice and pay once you’ve won something at Star Buyers Auction.

I won something at Star Buyers Auction! What do I do until it arrives?

First, let’s go through a basic outline from winning an auction to delivery. After you win an auction, log in with your ID and password, view the Management Screen, and start the procedure.

Step 1. Generate an invoice from the Management Screen

Once the successful bid has been determined and your win has been confirmed, you will be able to generate an invoice starting from 0:00 (JST) on the day after the auction ends. Download the invoice from the Transaction List on the Management Screen and check the details.

You can generate an invoice as follows.

(1) Click “Issue invoice” in the menu bar
(2) Click "Shipping settings" Choose your settings for joint packaging (only available for products within the same genre), shipping address, and courier
(3) Click the "Confirmation" link

Make sure to finish registering your shipping address before generating the invoice. You can register multiple shipping addresses. Please note that partners based outside Japan cannot use a shipping address in Japan. Also, Yamato Transport is the only courier available for delivery in Japan in principle. 

For more information on generating invoices, please refer to Star Buyers Auction’s "How to Generate an Invoice."

Step 2. Make a bank transfer to the designated account

Within three business days, make a bank transfer to one of the Star Buyers Auction accounts designated on the invoice. The customers are responsible for any transfer fees.

Contact the person in charge if you will not be able to make payment by the due date because of circumstances in your country.

Some situations may require a bank transfer statement. Please keep it until the transaction is complete.

Step 3. Wait for the goods to arrive

Star Buyers Auction will ship the goods you won, so all you have to do is wait. When the package arrives, please open it and check the goods right away.

How do I pay for the goods I won?

Next, let’s go over how to pay when you win something.

Payment deadline

Basically, the payment deadline is three business days from 0:00 (JST) on the day after the auction ends. Instead of paying by product category, you can also pay the sum of all items won during the same auction period.

Bank account

The only payment method Star Buyers Auction accepts is cash transfer. You can make a bank transfer to any of the Star Buyers Auction accounts listed on the invoice, whichever is convenient. The customers are responsible for any transfer fees.

Transfer name

Please make the transfer under your registered member name. In the unlikely event of a transfer error, contact your Star Buyers Auction representative.

Installment payments

As a general rule, lump-sum transfers are preferred. However, if you need to pay in installments due to the amount or circumstances in your country, please consult us and we will handle the situation flexibly. 

Payment by credit card

We do not accept credit card payment at this time.

In the event of overpayment

It is not possible to make an offset, even if purchase and sale transactions take place during the auction. Separate settlement is required for each transaction. However, if an overpayment occurs with a partner based outside Japan, the difference in the amount can be included in the payment. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns and we will handle the situation flexibly.

How do I view the invoice?

Now let’s cover the (electronic) invoice generated after bidding is complete. The invoice will be available to download from the Management Screen at 0:00 (JST) the day after the auction ends. Partners should manage and keep any invoices as proof of the transaction.
As shown in the figure below, the invoice will list the Settlement Details, Customer Information, and Bank Account.
Example invoice screen
It will also list the Product Details and provide information by category. The bill is structured to make it easy to understand the items you’ve won and their prices, even if you’re making multiples purchases at once.

The benefits of Star Buyers Auction

Star Buyers Auction is highly recommended not only for the quality of its listings, but also for the usability of its site and its full-service offerings. Even first-time auction users can make purchases smoothly.
It’s easy to apply online to participate in Star Buyers Auction. If you have any questions about membership registration or any concerns about online auctions, you can consult directly with the person in charge at an online information session.
New members can register here.
Star Buyers Auction is always working to expand our services and to be more useful for participating partners and their businesses. Feel free to contact us.

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