Chanel bags in auctions: What makes them so popular, and what’s the best way to purchase them?

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Chanel is a luxury brand that is popular all over the world. Even in business auctions, Chanel goods attract a lot of attention and generate a great deal of trade. So what is the reason behind Chanel’s long-term popularity, and what can we expect for the future? To find out, we spoke to Mr. En, an expert in the handling of Chanel products in the used market, from the Product Strategy Division at Valuence Japan. Read on to learn how to purchase high-quality Chanel products in good condition.

Exploring Chanel’s history and the secrets behind its popularity

Chanel’s origins date back to 1910, when designer Coco Chanel (born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel) opened the hat shop Chanel Modes on rue Cambon in Paris. She would later establish a boutique and dressmaker shop and introduce a variety of fashions to the public. In 1919, she launched her first haute couture collection, or a series of bespoke products made exclusively by member stores of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.
In 1921, Chanel’s head office was relocated to 31 rue de Cambon, and the company began selling its No. 5 perfume on May 5 of that year. While Chanel closed all its shops during World War II, it brought back its headquarters and haute couture collection in 1954. It was the following year, in February 1955, that Chanel launched its first chain bags, the 2.55 series. These models are said to be the prototype for the Timeless Classic, one of the most popular Chanel items.
Even after Coco Chanel’s death in 1971, many designers carried on the brand, including Karl Lagerfeld, who was appointed as the brand’s designer in 1982. In 1965, prior to his Chanel contract, Lagerfeld had been active as a designer for Chloé and Fendi. There were concerns about the compatibility between Lagerfeld, a German, and Chanel as a French brand, but he was able to skillfully adapt to the times and bring Chanel back to life. He even came to be called "the Kaiser of fashion."
Today, Chanel’s designer is Virginie Viard, who was known as Lagerfeld's right-hand woman. The brand is also involved in a wide range of genres other than fashion, including cosmetics, perfumes, watches, and jewelry.
Chanel's brand vision is a symbol of an emancipated woman not restrained by conformity. The strong impact of Chanel's simple and functional designs for women is still felt in society today.

What are the prices and market trends for Chanel?

What have prices and market trends for Chanel been like over the past few years? To find out, we spoke to Mr. En at Valuence Japan.
"In the last five years, Chanel prices have risen by about 150 to 200%. At the moment, they’ve peaked and settled, but they should remain at high levels indefinitely and are unlikely to fall significantly. Chanel’s popularity as a brand is unwavering. As for auction listings, prices shouldn’t suffer as long as the items are in good condition." (Mr. En, Valuence Japan)

Three key points when purchasing Chanel bags

If you want to purchase popular Chanel products, here are three points to consider.

 (1) Vintage products

Vintage Chanel can be defined as products from the 10 series (meaning those whose serial numbers start with 10; products made in 2006) or earlier. These items are valuable not only for their popularity but also because they often come from specifications that are no longer manufactured, and because many consumers value the unique texture of the leather.

*Serial number: Each Chanel product has an assigned serial number, which is printed on an attached sticker. It’s also printed on the guarantee card.

"People know that many products purchased from Japan come from private collections and have been kept in good condition. Sometimes the information on the store of purchase is still clear on the sticker, which is almost a guarantee that the item is in nearly perfect condition. Many products from Japanese sources don't seem used at all, so you know they are highly reliable." (Mr. En, Valuence, Japan)

(2) Standard products

Chanel bags with the double flap and double chain have long been available in the market, and new models are being produced even today. But despite this relative availability, they have maintained high popularity as standard products. One line that meets this definition is the Timeless Classics. At first, the Timeless Classics had a limited production period, like Chanel’s other lines, and they were not considered standard products. It may be that their popularity is what conferred this status.

 (3) Designs by or involving Karl Lagerfeld

Another point of significance was the death of Karl Lagerfeld.

"The news of Lagerfeld's death made big headlines in the media at the time. Needless to say, his contributions to the rebirth of Chanel were incalculable. The news of Lagerfeld’s death drew attention to the products that he was involved in, resulting in a new appreciation for their design and quality. Naturally, this had a big impact on the used market, and these items still sell for high prices. "(Mr. En, Valuence Japan)

What Chanel bags are popular?

So when it comes to Chanel bags, which specific products are particularly popular? Pay attention to the following three key points.

 (1) Limited manufacturing period

The 2.55 collection, which was limited to a certain year, and the Diana flap bag (especially in colors other than black) are rare because few were produced.

 (2) Bags made with specific materials and parts

The material you should be looking out for is caviar leather. While soft, smooth caviar leather bags are being produced even today, Chanel’s older models are popular for their harder feel, scratch resistance, and durability.

 (3) Double chains and other unique Chanel elements

Bags with parts that are unique to Chanel also tend to fetch high prices. For example, double chain bags have a two-pattern adjustable chain that makes them adaptable to a variety of scenarios. This is a unique Chanel element that other brands don't have, and it is very popular.

Another popular product that demonstrates the playful spirit of Chanel is the double flap bag with the Secret Pocket, a pocket located on the inside of the large outer flap.

Tips for efficient purchasing of Chanel bags

What should you know if you want to purchase Chanel bags efficiently? Let's take a look in detail.

Point 1: Check market prices carefully

"Chanel is popular regardless of the season, and you rarely see large fluctuations in its prices. This means it can be difficult to predict price trends. That’s why it’s important to keep a regular eye on the monthly market trends and to read up on appropriate prices for yourself. Looking at it this way, the price lists that Star Buyers Auction provides make an excellent analytical material, as they reflect transaction records. I hope all our users will take advantage of this resource." (Mr. En, Valuence Japan) 

Star Buyers Auction started offering a price list subscription service in February 2021. It allows users to check the market prices of the products listed on Star Buyers Auction at a glance, making it possible to get a clear view of past transaction prices. The service also makes it easy to analyze and predict market prices. User feedback has also been very positive. For more details, see "Grasp past bid prices at a glance. Could a price list subscription service change your purchasing? "

"The market price isn’t the only thing that’s important; so is your own sense of the price of retail items. If you know how high the price can go while still selling to general consumers, then one option is to set aside a budget that allows more leeway above market price and aim for a somewhat high bid. This will increase the likelihood of your bid winning." (Mr. En, Valuence Japan)

Point 2: Check for popular products and rare models 

In addition to the popular products we’ve already introduced, it is also important to get hold of rare models.

"Chanel bags include some very valuable models. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these up for auction, I absolutely recommend that you bid. The first is the Wood Vanity bag. They’re made mainly of wood, and they’re shaped like a small trunk. They’re adorable, but it's not easy to get your hands on one." (Mr. En, Valuence Japan)

"Then, there’s the Heart Vanity, which—true to the name—is a heart-shaped bag. These have an innovative design and a large CC Coco mark in the center. Like the Wood Vanity, you rarely see them because they’re no longer in production." (Mr. En, Valuence Japan)

What’s the shortcut to purchasing popular Chanel goods? Numerous purchasing routes

One place you can find many Chanel goods is Star Buyers Auction, where more than 25,000 items are listed each time. Star Buyers Auction handles almost every genre of products: bags, accessories, apparel, perfume, and more. Their auctions are perfect for purchasing popular items, expensive items, and rare models.
Buyers that have a supplier like Star Buyers Auction will have constant access to high-quality products. If you’re at all curious, feel free to contact Star Buyers Auction.

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