350 participating corporate buyers from around the world: Why buyers all over the world choose Star Buyers Auction

350 participating companies from overseas buyers. Image of why Star Buyers Auction is favored by buyers around the world
Japan’s B2B online auctions are growing in popularity. The leading Japanese auction company Star Buyers Auction boasts 1,300 participants worldwide. This includes about 350 corporate participants from outside Japan, a demographic that has recently increased sharply, showing that the site’s credibility and recognition among overseas buyers is on the rise (figures as of May 2021).
The Valuence Group deals with partners around the world, so how do the people in charge of Star Buyers Auctions at its local subsidiaries interact with local partners and follow up on their auction experience?

With local subsidiaries around the world, Valuence listens to the needs of customers in each region

Star Buyers Auction is operated by the Valuence Group, which has seven local subsidiaries in France, the United States, and other locations as of June 2021. This allows the company to support its partners in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa and help them to participate in auctions smoothly.
(バリュエンスインターナショナルヨーロッパ 海外営業部 和田氏)
Europe has many long-established auction houses and a B2C auction culture that has permeated the market, but it is not common to see B2B auctions that antiques dealers can use for purchasing. In most cases, the only way to purchase secondhand goods for the mass market is wholesale.
"More people are becoming aware of Star Buyers Auction against this background, and more new partners are participating, and they praise our ability to supply so many high-quality products." (Wada)

Ensuring thorough explanations and post-auction follow-up

Many of Star Buyers Auction’s partners in regions like Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are also using B2B auctions for the first time.
In order to ensure that these first-time users feel comfortable making purchases, Star Buyers Auction locations around the world provide integrated support for participating in auctions, including bidding and successful bids, and even follow-up after the products arrive.
“For example, we have materials to help people participate in auctions more smoothly, and we explain things to our partners and respond to inquiries about the listed items to make Star Buyers Auction a comfortable experience. We strive to respond promptly to all kinds of inquiries, like how quickly an item can be shipped after a winning bid, or what to do if an item is defective. 
We have received lots of feedback from satisfied customers who appreciate the extensive information and thorough explanations we provide, and how far we go to provide support if something does go wrong."
(Minchin, Global Sales Department, Valuence International Singapore)

Customers are satisfied with the service for the abundant lineup of products and clear fee structure

People also love Star Buyers Auction for its prices and lineup.
“The most common thing my partners in Hong Kong mention is the price. Naturally it depends on market conditions, but many Star Buyers Auction users are able to purchase Rolexes or other luxury goods at lower prices than locally, even considering handling and delivery fees. That’s something that people appreciate. There’s also our abundant lineup; our partners choose us because we offer a lineup of desirable products every time."
(Charles, Global Sales Department, Valuence International Hong Kong)
Also in Asia, there are first-time users who feel some anxiety about trading without seeing the real thing.
“You can feel totally comfortable when you’re considering a bid because the product detail page is full of photos and you can request even more if you have any concerns. More people in the industry are learning about Star Buyers Auctions through other users these days and decide to join our auctions, and it feels like our recognition and credibility is higher than ever.”

Do you want to participate in Star Buyers Auction like buyers from all over the world?

In many places around the world, B2B auctions are just beginning to gain recognition.
Given this, Star Buyers Auction’s regional managers are always thinking about what they can do to make their partners feel comfortable participating. They thoroughly answer any questions on the auction system and the delivery process, and they even follow up after the auction.
The site is easy to use and it’s available in English, French, Chinese, and other languages.
Since Star Buyers Auction has its own purchasing routes, we can list over 25,000 rare or high-quality goods every time.
Click here to complete your online application for an account.
Star Buyers Auction also holds online briefings, which are recommended for those seeking better suppliers of luxury watches, jewelry, bags, and more.

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