Four criterias for choosing a favorable online auction

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B2B online auction that is attracting attention from Japan and abroad. As a new purchasing route for products, buyers from all over the world are beginning to participate in online auction Efficient purchase of valuable products is an important factor in a buyer's business. Then, what kind of site should be selected while online auction
In this article, I will introduce four conditions for identifying online auction

Beneficial online auction criterion 1: Abundance of auctioned items

An abundance of auctioned items during every regularly held online auction is an important factor in supporting purchasing among buyers.
Many buyers check online auctions, offline auctions, wholesalers, exhibitions, and many other supply sites as part of their regular purchasing activities. Reducing the number of purchasing sites can help save time and effort. The existence of online auction sites with an abundance of items is thus a major help in achieving efficient purchasing.
When registering for an online auction site, pay attention to the number of auctioned items on the site.

Beneficial online auction criterion 2: Availability of a reliable purchasing route

online auction all times, it is necessary for the operating company to have a strong purchasing route.
The operating company of online auction
  • Purchasing centers that serve as a unique purchasing route?
  • A large number of purchasing centers?
  • Purchasing centers that are popular among the consumers who sell goods?

These are some of the indicators for improving the quality of products that are online auction

Products that appear on the second-hand market for the first time, such as products purchased directly from general customers, are UBUNI" in Japan and are treated as high-value products. online auction where many such products are gathered, are supported by the sellers of consignment listings that expect price increases, creating a virtuous cycle of collecting even better products.

Beneficial online auction criterion 3: Reliable inspection and care

Another factor in judging if an online auction can be used securely is whether the auctioned items have been thoroughly inspected in advance. In addition to the reliability of appraisals, dealers should also check the condition in which items are auctioned.
  • Does the online auction employ specialists with extensive knowledge on watches, bags, jewelry, apparel, and other items?
  • Are items auctioned in a maintained, cleaned, and good condition so that they can be sold again immediately after making a successful bid?
  • Does the online auction employ technicians who can care for items?

Let's check etc.

In fact, there are only a few auction operators that employ technicians who can repair watches and maintain other items, whereas most auction operators auction items before maintenance. In such cases, the purchasing buyer incurs the cost and effort involved in maintenance. In order to sell purchased items efficiently, dealers should understand the stance online auctions take when listing items.

Beneficial online auction criterion 4: Extensive support system

It is important to have an online auction with a well-developed support system because all exchanges are completed online. For example, when checking products during the preview period, you may have small questions such as "Is the point in the photo dust or scratches?" A stress-less preview and purchase will come true if the online auction responds quickly to such small questions.
It is also important to have language support such as English, Chinese, and French when using online auction from global.

Starting transactions on a beneficial online auction

So far, we have introduced four conditions for choosing a good online auction

これらの条件を満たした数少ないネットオークションの一つに、日本大手のネットオークションSTAR BUYERS AUCTIONがあります。

Auctions for watches, bags, branded jewelry, jewelry, apparel, etc. are held twice a month on a regular basis. B2B online auction which boasts an abundant handling of over 25,000 items each time, is rare in Japan.
It is our unique purchasing route that supports this stable supply of products. We have established a large number of purchasing stores in Japan and overseas, and have established an in-house integrated purchasing system. We also carry out consignment listings, so it is an online auction where good products are always gathered from all over the world.
Specialists and technicians with abundant product knowledge are enrolled, and products purchased in-house are exhibited with maintenance and repairs performed. We also have a full support system for languages such as English, Chinese, and French.
効率的な仕入れを支えてくれる、良いネットオークションを始めてみたいと思ったら。まずは、こちらからSTAR BUYERS AUCTIONに参加してみてください。

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