Why is Japan’s online auctions attracting interest now: The buzz and four reasons for this

Japan’s online auctions are attracting interest as a new supply site for secondhand designer goods. Buyers from all over the world have started participating in droves and the industry is in full swing. This article explains in detail why Japan’s online auctions are attracting interest and the benefits they offer as a supply site.

​ ​Japan’s online auctions maintain a rare presence in the world

Throughout the world, secondhand designer goods are typically purchased by company buyers, through exchanges at exhibitions and with wholesalers, or through exchanges between dealers. In Japan, however, secondhand designer goods B2B auctions have long been popular among domestic dealers as a supply site.
In 2020, the global spread of COVID-19 accelerated the shift to online auctions among Japan’s B2B auctions. Due to the difficulty of holding auctions offline, organizers who had already considered going online in the past took the lead and shifted to holding online auctions.
This transition to online auctions has increased the participation of global buyers. Previously, only dealers who operated companies in Japan and held a domestic license called a “Secondhand Dealer Permit” could participate in offline auctions. However, switching to online auctions has simplified the procedures for participating. Anyone who passes the personal identification based online screening process and opens an account can now easily participate from their home country.

Japan’s booming online auctions

日本大手ネットオークションSTAR BUYERS AUCTION参加企業数の推移
上のグラフは、日本の大手ネットオークション STAR BUYERS AUCTIONの参加企業数の推移です。時計、バッグ、ジュエリー、アパレルなどの中古ブランド品を扱う同オークションでは、オンライン化した2020年3月から、グローバルバイヤーの参加によって一気に参加数が増えたことがわかります。活況により、買い主だけではなく、価格の引き上げを狙う売り手も集まり、委託出品で質の高い商品が集まるという好循環が生まれています。

Four reasons Japan’s online auctions are popular among global buyers

So why are Japan’s online auctions popular among global buyers? There are four potential reasons for this.

​ ​(1) High-quality items

Secondhand designer goods available in Japan are known for their high quality. As part of its national character, the idea of “treating things with care” is deeply rooted in Japan, so online auctions in Japan have an easy time of attracting items that are clean, undamaged, and in near-new condition.

(2) Reliability

Many buyers recognize that fewer counterfeit secondhand designer goods are on the market in Japan than in other countries. Japanese people have a deep understanding of and interest in designer goods, and items are carefully inspected before listing on online auctions. As such, Japan’s online auctions deliver high reliability in that participants can feel “secure about secondhand designer goods available in Japan.”

​ ​(3) Abundance of available items

The Japanese are known for their love of designer labels. Many people in Japan own designer goods regardless of age or gender, so many popular items are available on the secondhand market.
Because of its national character of “treating things with care,” a reuse culture has developed in Japan over the years and Japan can thus be considered a world leader in reuse. There are also many stores throughout Japan that purchase secondhand designer goods where consumers will often sell their current designer goods to acquire the money to purchase new designer goods, making for a large secondhand market.

(4) Online auctions where purchases can be made at wholesale prices

The most attractive aspect for buyers, however, is the secondhand designer goods B2B online auctions themselves. Auctions and markets that offer an abundant supply of high-quality secondhand designer goods and that allow dealers to purchase these at the wholesale prices offered to companies are a rarity throughout the world. For those buyers who had no choice but to purchase items at the prices offered by sellers at exhibitions and other events until now, there are likely few purchasing sites that are this attractive.

Participating in Japan’s online auctions

As mentioned above, the global spread of COVID -19 has driven the transition to online auctions in Japan, and to the launch of many online auction sites. Now that anyone can easily participate from around the world, there is no reason not to.
多くのバイヤーに支持されているサイトの一つに、日本大手のネットオークションSTAR BUYERS AUCTIONが挙げられます。
Star Buyers Auction holds regular auctions twice a month separately for watches, bags, designer jewelry, jewelry, and apparel, among other items. B2B online auctions that boast an abundance of more than 25,000 items offered during every event are rare even in Japan.
Star Buyers Auction also provides extensive support in English, Chinese, French, and other languages, and many buyers from the United States, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia already participate in their auctions.
Anyone who is interested in Japan’s online auctions should visit here for details.

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