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Rolex watches in B2B Auctions: Why are they so popular, and what are the tricks to good purchasing?
The Rolex brand is popular all over the world. We spoke with a Star Buyers Auction expert in handling Rolex watches in auctions and the used market to learn about the reasons behind rising Rolex prices and the trends in trading transactions at B2B auctions, which make good purchasing routes.
Online Auctions in Japan: What brands and products are people looking for?
Japan’s B2B online auctions are attracting attention from buyers all over the world as suppliers of used luxury watches, jewelry, bags, apparel, and more. So what kind of items are available, and what is the price range for successful bids? This article introduces products that are popular in auctions.
What are the most popular luxury watch and jewelry auctions in the world?
Here, we introduce the world's leading auctions for Rolexes and other luxury watches and jewelry, as well as B2B online auctions in Japan where you can purchase in bulk for resale.
Information on watch and jewelry tradeshows around the world: When are IWJG and other tradeshows held, and what are their highlights?
Tradeshows are indispensable for buyers as an opportunity to develop new purchasing routes, make purchases, and interact with business partners. Of the many tradeshows held all over the world, here we introduce popular tradeshows that showcase used luxury brand watches and jewelry, some of their highlights and their schedule.

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