B2B online auction sites
of high-quality products
by a leading Japanese auction company
to buyers around the world.


One of Japan's leading auctions with a wide variety of high quality items purchased through an in-house network.
We offer auctions with an impressive lineup of the best products and the best buyers from Japan to the world.

  • Over


    Products Available

    Precious Stones, Noble Metals, Luxury Watches, and Other Luxury Listings

  • Bidding from

    all over
    the world

    We held our auction completely online. Participate anywhere, anytime you want.

  • Bid acceptance rate of

    00%or above

    High bid acceptance rate achieved by providing quality products and places

  • High


    Achieving high quality through our integrated in-house system for everything from buying to listing

  • Reliable

    and care

    Reliable appraisals and maintenance by qualified personnel and technicians

  • Multi-


    Supports for buyers and sellers all over the world. Feel free to contact us and we are ready to help from our closest office near your country.

How Our
Auctions Work


STAR BUYERS AUCTION handles the following 5 categories of products.

Auction Schedule

Auctions are held twice a month on the 1st week
& the 3rd week

Deadline for bidding

Watches, accessories, small articles, apparel, shoes, and silver brands
on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday every month
Branded jewelry, non-branded jewelry, and bags
on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday every month

*The auction starts at 9:00 JST on Thursday of the week before the bidding deadline.
*The deadline for bidding on accessories, accessories, apparel, shoes, silver brands, branded and non-branded jewelry is 15:59(JST) on the day.
The deadline for bidding on watches and bags is 17:59(JST) on the day.
*There is a function for the automatic extension of the bidding deadline (in 5-minute increments)


  • Winning bid fee

    Watches, unset jewels, brand-name jewelry, unbranded jewelry, bags, accessories
    5% (excluding tax)
    Apparel, furs, footwear, brand-name silver
    10% (excluding tax)
  • Listing fee

    Listing fee per item
    500JPY (excluding tax)
    Unsuccess­ful auction fee per item
    500JPY (excluding tax)
  • Listing sales amount

    Payment of 95 of the winning bid amount (excluding tax) *A sales contract will be entered with our company
    using a consignment sales method.

How to register

Star Buyers Auctions are for businesses only.
Only registered members can participate.

  1. STEP 1

    Register Member

    Please use the registration form to enter your company's information and contact person's information. We will send you instructions on how to register your images as soon as we have confirmed your information.

  2. STEP 2

    Registering images of
    required documents

    You will be required to submit your personal identification documents for the screening process, so please log in from the URL sent to you and register your personal identification documents.

    *You will be required to submit images of the front, back and thickness of your ID, photo identification, and all the information pages of your antique dealer’s license.

  3. STEP 3


    We will review your application in accordance with our standards based on the information you have registered.

    *Depending on the results of the review, it may not be possible to register. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. STEP 4

    Account is granted,
    start use

    After the review process is complete, we will send the account information for the membership page to your contact person. All transactions can be done online, including auction previews, listings, and bids.

User Feedback

  • It’s fair for new entrants as well

    We participated on the recommendation of an industry associate.

    I appreciate the fact that even new companies can participate fairly without going to the location.

  • The photos are easy to see.

    We found the auction in an online search and decided to participate.

    While I have not been able to participate in actual auctions, I think that there will be more opportunities to participate in online auctions. The photos are very easy to see, and I will continue to use the service.

  • You can watch and join at any time during the period.

    We found the auction in an online search and decided to participate.

    I like that you can watch the auction system and join at any time during the period.

About Valuence Group

Aiming to be a hub
in the reuse industry.

The Valuence Group is engaged in various services related to reuse, and performs all processes from purchase to display in-house.
In buying operations, we have developed brand goods, antiques, and art buying specialty stores including Nanboya, which has more than 70 stores across Japan.
In sales operations, we run online auctions of brand goods, antiques, and art in Japan and B2B auctions of diamonds in Hong Kong.
Since we started our business, the number of registered dealers has continued to grow, and we are now supported by buyers from all over the world.
With our outstanding lineup of products and quality that take advantage of our own buying network,
we aim to be a hub in the reuse industry, connecting the value of goods.

Valuence Group

  • Buying

    We provide buying services for brand-name goods, curios, and art objects across the country in the hope of delivering the goods our customers have loved to the next person who needs them.

    Buying Brand-Name Goods
    Buying Curios
  • Inspection, Assessment

    in the database of our proprietary system, from buying to inspection, assessment, listing, and sale.

    Valuence Brain
  • Listing

    In addition to our buying business, our B-to-B auction business and B-to-C retail business serve as another pillar in our efforts to promote reused goods.

    Auction Services
    Retail Services (Sales)

Experience the outstanding lineup and quality of
the STAR BUYERS AUCTION for yourself.