Never used a B2B online auction before? Learn how to register and get support from Star Buyers Auction

Image: Never used a B2B online auction before? Learn how to register and get support from Star Buyers Auction
More and more buyers from all over the world are using Star Buyers Auction, a Japanese B2B auction, as a new way to purchase and list luxury watches, jewelry, bags, and other used goods.
If you register as a user online, you can fully open an account with Star Buyers Auction in about 2 weeks. Extensive set-up support is available as well. You can connect directly to the person in charge if you have any concerns, for example, if you’re uncomfortable using the Internet or with communicating only online, or if you need support using an online auction for the first time.
This article covers how Star Buyers Auction staff will help you get started. Please note that the Japan locations and overseas locations may have some differences in procedures. If you have any questions, contact us here ( if you’re based in Japan and here ( if you’re based outside Japan.

The Four Basic Steps of Membership Registration

There are four basic steps to register as a member of Star Buyers Auction.

Step 1: Register your customer profile online
Fill out the registration form with information on your company and its representative, then click the "Send" button. Then just wait for an email from the Star Buyers Auction office. You will receive a reply within five business days at most.
Step 2: Register images of required documents
When you receive an email from the Star Buyers Auction office, click the link to upload and send images of the specified documents.
You will need images of the following documents.
  • The front, back, and edge of your ID card (e.g. driver’s license, passport, insurance card)
  • All informational pages of your Secondhand Dealer Permit (*As this is a Japanese system, applicants outside Japan must send a copy separately)
  • An ID photo
Step 3: Screening
Star Buyers Auction will screen your application based on the information you have registered. Screening takes about 7 to 10 days, and you will receive an email when it is complete. If it has not arrived after 10 days, please contact the office.
Step 4: Account granted and activated
If you pass the screening, you will be granted an account. Check your email for the account information for your member page (login ID and temporary password). You can use this information to log into the auction site of Star Buyers Auction and start previewing, bidding, and listing in auctions.
You can use this information to log in to the Star Buyers Auction website and inspect and bid on auctioned items or start the procedure for listing items.

What happens after you open an account?

Once you open an account, you can start participating in auctions right away. You can also preview and bid in auctions as a buyer or make listing reservations as a seller. And, if you are uncomfortable with the auction process or need any help, you can contact a service representative at any time. 

Participating as a buyer

If you participate as a buyer, the online auction process is as follows.

Step 1: Preview and bid for listings on the auction site
Once you have logged in to the auction site, you will be able to preview and bid on all current listings on the same day. The bidding period is 6 to 7 days, giving you plenty of time to preview any listings you are interested in.

Step 2: After the bidding deadline, submit an invoice
Once the bidding deadline has passed, starting the next day, you can use your member page to issue an invoice for the billed amount of the auctioned goods. The winning bid amount should be transferred within three business days of the day after the auction. For other precautions, you can read "Terms of Agreement” here.

Step 3: Wait for shipment from Star Buyers Auction
The goods will be shipped as soon as payment from the successful bidder is confirmed.

Details are available here.

Participating as a seller

If you are participating as a seller, be aware that the listing method is different for locations outside of Japan. This article will explain the differences.

For partners based in Japan:

For partners based in Japan, the auction listing process is as follows. 

Step 1: Make a listing reservation on the auction site
Use your ID and password to log in to the auction site, then enter the product genre, number of items, and estimated delivery date of the goods you wish to list.

Step 2: Fill out the Listing Form with information on the goods you wish to list
Once Step 1 is complete, the Star Buyers Auction office will email you a Listing Form. Fill it out with all the information about any goods you wish to list and send it back as an email attachment.

Step 3: Tag the listed goods and ship them to Star Buyers Auction
Please make a simple tag with the product information, tie it to the item with a string and send it to the specified address. The purpose of the tag is to compare with the details of the Listing Form, so any size or material is fine. To prevent damage to the goods, please use cushioning material or otherwise pack the goods with sufficient care.

If you can’t make a tag yourself, contact the Star Buyers Auction office and let us do it for you. You can also feel free to reach out with any questions.

For partners based outside Japan:

For partners based outside Japan, the auction listing process is as follows.

Call the closest location and make a listing reservation
Contact the closest Star Buyers Auction location by email or phone. The person in charge will contact you for the details. Then the reservation will be complete.

If you have any questions at any time, feel free to contact the office by e-mail, phone, or the inquiry form. The person in charge will reply to you.

You can learn more about listings here. The inquiry form is available here on the public website.

How do I use auction support?

Star Buyers Auction provides a wide range of support for our partners.
To support buyers, we respond to pre-bidding inquiries about items that they are interested in and post-bidding inquiries after delivery.
For sellers, our support services can be accessed through the Management Screen, which is available to logged-in users. The Management Screen is also where you will be contacted about the start date for auctions where you have listed items, and it even gives day-before alerts and allows you to re-check sent messages for a certain period of time.
See this article for support about listing items.

If you’d like to hear more first, try an online information session

Star Buyers Auction also offers online information sessions to answer our customers’ questions.
Our individual information sessions last 30 minutes. You can choose a convenient date and complete your reservation online.
The reservation process is as follows.
1. Select a date
Select a date under “Select a Date & Time.”
2. Select a time
Look at the suggested times and choose one that is convenient for you.
3. Fill out the form
Once you’ve selected the date and time, fill out the form with your information and click the "Schedule Event" button to schedule the appointment.
4. Appointment successfully scheduled
The details you entered will be shared with the person in charge of Star Buyers Auction, and you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the information session.
On the day of the briefing session, you can speak with the person in charge at a location of your choice. If you need to change the schedule after applying, contact the Star Buyers Auction office by phone or the inquiry form.

Take advantage of the wide range of support Star Buyers Auction offers its partners

While Star Buyers Auction has mainly worked with corporate partners in the past, we have recently seen an increase in sole proprietorship partners. We have many partners ranging from small to large-scale businesses.
Star Buyers Auction makes it possible to list and bid on items with a simple operation. We offer extensive support for our partners, so feel free to contact us if you have any interest.

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