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Competitive Buying and Selling, Open to Members Only A B2B Online Auction

The 6 Advantages
 for Sellers

  • Participating Buyers


    Participants include many famous buyers from all over the world.

  • for cross-border sales

    No procedures needed

    If the winning bid is by an overseas participant, all procedures will be carried out by our company.

  • Long

    Bidding Period

    Take the time to consider your bid carefully during the long bidding period (6 to 7days).

  • Bid acceptance rate of00%

    High bid acceptance rate achieved by providing quality products and places

  • Privacy

    Strictly Assured

    Buyer and seller names are never revealed to the market.

  • Listing is 

    Easy Since It’s Fully Online

    Our fully online system makes the whole process stress free, from scheduling listings to shipping.

 listing process

Auctions can be easily and securely participated in by any seller who meets our company’s criteria, such as our Rules and Notes for Caution.
  1. STEP 1

    Listing reservation

    Submit an application on the above auction site indicating the following information: “Listing genre”, “Quantity”, and “Scheduled product arrival date”.

  2. STEP 2

    Data registration

    Once you have filled in the listing form which will be sent to you after making a reservation of your product details, send it to us by e-mail.

  3. STEP 3

    Listing preparations & shipment

    Prepare a simple tag so that the product can be compared against the listing form, attach it to the product, and send it to us. 

    *If a product tag cannot be prepared, we can create it if you send us the products so that they can be compared against the item list.

Online auctions can be participated in after member registration is complete.


Every Month Auctions are held twice a month  on the 1st week the 3rd week.

Deadline for bidding

Watches, accessories, small items, apparels, shoes, and silver brands
on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdayof every month
Branded jewelry, non-branded jewelry, and bags
on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month

* The auction starts at 9:00 (JST) on Thursday of the week before the bidding deadline.
* The deadline for bidding on accessories, small items, apparel, shoes, silver brands, branded and non-branded jewelry is 15:59 (JST) on the day.
The deadline for bidding on watches, and bags is 17:59 (JST) on the day.
* There is a function for the automatic extension of the bidding deadline (in 5-minute increment)

Responsible and schedule coordination

Listing schedule

  • Period for reservation and receipt of data

    Auction held in 1st week: Tuesday – Saturday of 3rd week
    Auction held in 3rd week: Tuesday – Saturday of 1st week
    Applicable genres
    * Watches, branded jewelry, non-branded jewelry, bags, accessories, small articles (we currently do not accept listings of apparel, shoes, and silver brands)
  • Period for receipt of goods

    Auction held in 1st week: Wednesday – Sunday of 3rd week
    Auction held in 3rd week: Wednesday – Sunday of 1st week
    * On the shipping slip, be sure to indicate the week and month in which the auction will be held and the item genre in a format such as “For listing in XX week of XX (Watches)”.
    * Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the seller.

Listing criteria

Watches, branded jewelry,  non-branded jewelry, and bags
Successful bid expected  30,000 JPY or more
Accessories / accessories
Successful bid expected  10,000 JPY or more

* If a minimum price limit is required, it will be set as the starting price. In this case, please be aware that price limits lower than the listing criteria cannot be accepted.
* Products sold as sets will not be accepted.
* If products are judged by our company not to meet the above criteria, they will be returned. Note that shipping charges will not be refunded.

Listing fee

  • Listing fee

    550 yen (tax included)
  • Unsuccessful auction fee

    550 yen (tax included)
  • Listing sales amount

    Pay 95 % of the winning bid

    * Consumption tax will be charged separately.
    * A sales contract with us will be concluded by the digestion purchasing method.

※【2020年9月以降の変更点】ご出品の際の費用について、2020年8月以前は画像撮影料等を無料で行っておりましたが、 販売費用5%とは別途、出品手数料として1商品あたり550円(税込)を頂戴いたします。

Listing Categories

How to register

STAR BUYERS AUCTION are for businesses only. Only registered members can participate.

  1. STEP 1

    Register Member Information

    Please use the registration form to enter your company's information, and contact person's information. We will send you instructions on how to register your images as soon as we have confirmed your information.

  2. STEP 2

    Required documents for image registration

    You will be required to submit your personal identification documents for the screening process. Please log in from the URL that was sent to you, and submit your personal identification documents.

    *You will be required to submit images of both front, back, thickness of your ID, photo identification, and all the information pages of your antique dealer’s license.

  3. STEP 3


    We will review your application in accordance with our standards based on the information you have registered.​ ​

    *Depending on the results of the review, it may not be possible to register. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. STEP 4

    Account is granted,
    start use

    After reviewing process is completed, we will send the account information for the membership page to your contact person. All transactions can be done online, including auction previews, listings, and bids.

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