GSB Auction Features

  • Aiming to become a global auction platform
    that is a hub in the industry

    The “STAR BUYERS AUCTION” B2B auction started as the “Tokyo Star Auction” in 2013. Since then, the number of registered dealers has continued to grow, and we are now supported by buyers from all over the world. In April 2020 we converted to a completely online format, and have created a system allowing bids to be placed on all items from domestic as well as overseas locations. We have also begun accepting consignment sales from domestic dealers. We will proceed to expand our services and functions as we aim to become a hub in the reuse industry with our outstanding lineup of products and quality that take advantage of our own buying network, while also striving to become a luxury resale platform that can be used both domestically and overseas.
    In addition to becoming a hub in the reuse industry with an overwhelming lineupOf products and quality, utilizing the strength Of our own purchasing, we will con-tinue to expand our services and functions With the aim Of becoming a luxuryresale platform that can be used by both domestic and international customers

GSB Auction Features

  • Over 25,000 products available

    国内・海外に展開している買取事業「なんぼや」「BRAND CONCIER」の100店舗以上から、確かな目利きにて仕入れた商品を出品。 時計やハイジュエリー、ブランドバッグやアパレルなど、オークション1回あたりの出品点数は25,000点以上にのぼり、安定した供給体制の中での仕入れが可能です。

  • Bidding from all over the world

    Bids can be placed at any time from anywhere as long as they are made within the bidding period, and items can be checked and bid on using PCs or smartphones from anywhere in the world. We also accept consignments from dealers worldwide, so our auctions gather excellent items from many different countries. Our scale is continuing to expand every year as a global auction platform whose goods are expertly evaluated by trained eyes from all over the world.

  • First shipments “UBUNI”,
    evaluated by Japan to demand excellent product quality, condition, and scarcity value.

    First shipments ‘UBUNI’ refers to products sold for the first time on the pre-owned market. They include many rare products and high-quality items in excellent condition, and are especially prized in Japan’s pre-owned item market. In the STAR BUYERS AUCTION, these types of goods have a reputation of great reliability ensured by dependable appraisals and assessments, with roughly 500,000* pieces purchased every year. Our lineup features many rare “UBUNI” items that cannot be found elsewhere, so we invite you to see their magnificent quality for yourself.
    *Records as of August 2018

  • Bid acceptance rate of 90% or above

    Our bid acceptance rate is an astonishing 90% or above. Because we feature a varied lineup of items that are attractive to buyers, we pride ourselves on this consistently high rate. We also arrange inspection periods with ample time to carefully examine items. We provide support to ensure satisfactory online purchases with services such as replying to product-related inquiries, and have created an environment that is exceptionally easy to use.

  • High-Quality Products

    Each product we offer on auction has been through a strict, painstaking process of checks and inspections, beginning with the purchase in our buying office and continuing through the pre-auction stage. We provide the highest quality products with our in-house integrated system that extends from purchases to sales.

  • Reliable authenticity and care

    Products are carefully selected using our unique technology to ensure their authenticity. Luxury brand goods undergo maintenance and cleaning, and all items auctioned to buyers are in a prime state for quick resale.

  • Multi-language Support

    We provide assistance in the use of our auctions by customers from around the world, and support languages including English, Chinese, and Korean. We also have flawless systems to carry out smooth transactions such as importing and exporting in association with listing or winning bids.

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How to register

STAR BUYERS AUCTION are for businesses only. Only registered members can participate.

  1. STEP 1

    Register Member Information

    Please use the registration form to enter your company's information, and contact person's information. We will send you instructions on how to register your images as soon as we have confirmed your information.

  2. STEP 2

    Required documents for image registration

    You will be required to submit your personal identification documents for the screening process. Please log in from the URL that was sent to you, and submit your personal identification documents.

    *You will be required to submit images of both front, back, thickness of your ID, photo identification, and all the information pages of your antique dealer’s license.

  3. STEP 3


    We will review your application in accordance with our standards based on the information you have registered.​ ​

    *Depending on the results of the review, it may not be possible to register. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. STEP 4

    Account is granted,
    start use

    After reviewing process is completed, we will send the account information for the membership page to your contact person. All transactions can be done online, including auction previews, listings, and bids.

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