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I won something at Star Buyers Auction! How do I view the invoice and pay?
This article covers how to view an invoice and pay once you win something at Star Buyers Auction.
What are the benefits of using business auctions for purchasing? Comments from international users of Star Buyers Auction
We asked Star Buyers Auction partners for their impressions of their experience with Star Buyers Auction and what benefits it offers.
How to Bid: Winning What You Want in B2B Online Auctions
Let’s go over a basic outline of Star Buyers Auction and how to bid.
What information does Star Buyers Auction provide on its Product Information Screen?
Star Buyers Auction provides extensive information on the Product Information Screen for partners to use as a basis for bidding decisions. Let’s see what information is available.
How to choose a good auction as a seller
More and more antique dealers are using B2B online auctions as a way to cash in their items. This article covers what a seller should know when listing in a B2B auction.
Online Auction Q&A: How is international shipping handled? What are the shipping and handling fees?
If you have never experienced an online auction before, or if you are participating in an international online auction for the first time, you may have various concerns. How can I inspect the product? What about international shipping? What are the fees and shipping costs? We answer all kinds of questions about online auctions.

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