Grasp past bid prices at a glance. Could a price list subscription service change your purchasing?

Image: Understand past bid prices at a glance. Could a price list subscription service change your purchasing?
More and more people all over the world are participating in Star Buyers Auction. In February 2021, Star Buyers Auction began offering a price list subscription service to make its B2B auctions easier to use and more useful for its partners' business development.
Let’s find out why Star Buyers Auction is offering this price list subscription service and what advantages there are for its business partners.

Star Buyers Auction has launched a price list subscription service! What’s the background behind it, and what does the service entail?

In October 2020, Star Buyers Auction increased its online auctions from once a month to twice a month. This led to many inquiries from customers who were interested in participating in an online B2B auction for the first time or who were curious about Star Buyers Auction.
"While we received many inquiries about the number of listings and the lineup, the most common question was about what the market prices were. This led us to the conclusion that we should develop a service that would allow people to visualize the market. You could say that our reasons for launching the price list subscription service were the expansion of Star Buyers Auction and our desire to meet customer needs."  
To respond to customer requests, Star Buyers Auction launched a free trial version of a price list subscription service. This service allowed users to check the market prices of the products listed on Star Buyers Auction at a glance so they could see the transaction prices clearly.
The company rolled out the official version of the service on July 1, 2021. The service overview is as follows.
- Overview of official service
Usage fee: 11,000 JPY per month (tax inclusive; Japanese yen) 
Benefits of application: Use free for the month of registration and the next month
For overseas partners: 10,000 JPY per month (tax free)
If you want to use the official version of Star Buyers Auction's price list subscription service, you can apply by logging in to your member page and clicking the Application Page icon. You will gain access to the official version as soon as you apply.
If you have any questions about applying for the price list subscription service, feel free to contact the Star Buyers Auction office.

The two features of Star Buyers Auction’s price lists

Here’s what you need to know about Star Buyers Auction’s price lists.

Data from transactions at large-scale auctions (over 25,000 items listed)

Star Buyers Auction lists more than 25,000 products in its auctions. Nowhere else in the world can you find auctions of this scale. With such a large number of transactions, the figures in the price lists are quite reliable as grounds for commodity prices.

Able to visualize world markets

Star Buyers Auction has expanded around the world, and products are being sold not only domestically but across borders. Because the figures in the price lists reflect all prices from Star Buyers Auction transactions, it is not an exaggeration to say that they represent world market prices.

So while these price lists show the market prices at auctions by Star Buyers Auction, they can also serve as indicators even beyond that range. They can be a versatile tool for your whole business.

What information does Star Buyers Auction's price list subscription service provide?

Let’s look at exactly what kind of information you can get from Star Buyers Auction's price list subscription service.

Market price trends are graphed based on rank, making it easier to understand price fluctuations and to check the condition of products from images of various sizes taken from various angles.
The following information is available on the product screen.
Many partners appreciate the ease of operation and the operation guidelines that Star Buyers Auction provides.

A developer that wants to provide valuable auctions

Not only are Star Buyers Auction’s price lists a useful tool for a wide range of partner businesses, but they also offer added value from the developer's perspective.
"We want to provide our partners with more valuable auctions through this price list subscription service. By allowing our partners to gain auction experience while getting the right information from the price lists, they can gradually learn to find the right time to list and bid. If you can grasp the trends of a market, you should be able to predict its future movements. In other words, the added value that this price list subscription service provides is learning."
While the price list subscription service is intended for use with Star Buyers Auction, it can also be an important indicator beyond that framework, for users’ business as a whole.
"The trial version was actually very popular with users, and we received very positive feedback that it was also useful for selling and buying goods through means other than auctions. I feel that this means we have achieved high utility value. The service is simple and easy to use, and it is a great help to people who are just starting out in the used goods market. This was the developer’s idea behind the price list subscription service. We will put ourselves in the user’s shoes so we can continue to make improvements going forward."

Want to get started in online auctions?

Star Buyers Auction has remained popular thanks to its scale and its high quality. The company believes that the price list subscription service, which is available to members, will further increase user satisfaction.
Now that it is possible to participate in auctions online, trading in the used good market has turned into what we might call information warfare. Star Buyers Auction's price list subscription service can help you to analyze information and make decisions. Extensive support is available for customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any interest.

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