Why Star Buyers Auction has watch repair technicians on staff

Image: Why Star Buyers Auction has watch repair technicians on staff
Star Buyers Auction has many internationally qualified watch repair technicians on staff. Goods that are purchased by Star Buyers Auction undergo repair, maintenance, and cleaning at an in-house workshop before they are listed. Their superb technical capabilities have made them popular with our partners.
So what are the merits of using an auction operator with advanced technical capabilities in watch repair? This article provides a detailed description of the watch repair system and services offered by Star Buyers Auction.

Star Buyers Auction’s robust watch repair system benefits both buyers and sellers

Star Buyers Auction has more than 30 experienced watch repair technicians on staff. Let's take a closer look at how both buyers and sellers benefit from Star Buyers Auction’s on-staff watch repair technicians.

Benefits for buyers

When a buyer wins a bid for an item listed by Star Buyers Auction, the item can be sold as-is. This is because the goods are in high-value condition because all products undergo an inspection at Star Buyers Auction, and those that are judged to require repair or maintenance are handled by a watch repair technician. Buyers can sell the goods they have procured without needing to find or hire a repair technician. This saves time and money, allowing the business to run more smoothly.

Benefits for sellers

Many sellers perform repair or maintenance before listing their goods for auction so that they can win a higher price. But if they don’t have the repair skills or system, they need to outsource maintenance.

Outsourcing companies must have solid capabilities and a reliable system to handle expensive products, but there is a limited number of watch companies that meet this description. Without an existing partnership, sellers have to search for an outsourcing company, so it takes more time to list the goods. Sellers want to minimize time loss because the timing of the listing can be essential.

Star Buyers Auction offers repair services* for a fee to reduce the burden of watch repair and maintenance on our partners.

(*) Currently suspended.

Star Buyers Auction’s highly skilled watch repair technicians

So how does Star Buyers Auction achieve sophisticated watch repair system?

Experienced watch repair technicians with advanced skills on staff

Star Buyers Auction has more than 30 full-time repair technicians on staff (as of the end of June 2021), including technicians certified with WOSTEP(*) and Watch Repair Technician Level 1 qualifications. Many of our staff also used to work for luxury watch brands, so they bring the extensive experience and technical capabilities that enable us to handle various brands and models.

* WOSTEP: Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program
A training center specializing in watch-related technical capabilities, jointly established by Swiss watchmakers, brand-name watchmakers, trade associations, and various related retailers. The WOSTEP final exam requires a total of 3,000 hours of basic training and five successful tests. Graduates receive WOSTEP certification and are recognized as watchmakers with global-level skills, and they go on to support the industry.

Our partners particularly appreciate the skills of the team in charge of polishing (removing any scratches on the watch exterior), which are fit for Rolex watches and other brands that require sophisticated polishing skills.

Using the latest watch repair equipment

Watch repair equipment is expensive, so very few workshops have the latest facilities. Star Buyers Auction has made significant capital investments to ensure that we are fully equipped with repair rooms with manufacturer-level equipment. We strive to offer our customers the latest and best technical capabilities.

Capable of repairing almost all watches

We offer almost every kind of watch repair, including overhaul, polishing, belt adjustment and replacement, belt welding, glass replacement, battery replacement, demagnetization, and dial restoration. Star Buyers Auction’s partners greatly appreciate our repair capabilities, and we have even received many inquiries about repair unrelated to auctions. Our support services are only available in Japan at the moment, but we aim to offer them to our partners all over the world in the future.

How to participate in Star Buyers Auction

Star Buyers Auction offers a full range of auction support services, including watch repair.
It’s easy to apply to participate online.
New members can register here.
If you have any questions about membership registration or any concerns about online auctions, you can consult directly with the person in charge at an online information session.
Star Buyers Auction is always working to expand our services and to be more useful for participating partners and their businesses. Feel free to contact us.

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