Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

Please confirm the following matters about the handling of personal information, and if you agree, please complete the required items.

・Name of the Business Operator

Valuence Japan Inc.

・Personal Information Protection Officer

Director of Valuence Japan Inc.

・Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Valuence Japan will use personal information that you entered for the following purposes:

  1. When using Valuence Japan’s services:
    1. For evaluation, purchase, sales and repair of goods;
    2. For making reservations to visit the store;
    3. For various member registrations;
    4. For selling and buying at auctions;
    5. For sending information regarding service of Valuence Japan, its group companies or companies that form a partnership with Valuence Japan;
    6. For applying for various campaigns; or
    7. For marketing survey and analysis.
  2. Inquiries to Valuence Japan
    For response to inquiries and contact from Valuence Japan
  3. Applying for employment in response to employment offers by Valuence Japan
    For employment selection and delivery of acceptance notification
    1. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
      Valuence Japan will not provide any third party with personal information that it obtained except when consent has been obtained from the principal or such provision is made in compliance with laws and regulations.
    2. Entrustment of Handling of Personal Information
      Valuence Japan may entrust an outValuence Japanrcee with all or a part of personal information obtained by it. In such case Valuence Japan will select outValuence Japanrcee that meets its personal information protection standard and will supervise such outValuence Japanrcee after such entrustment, such as by conducting regular inspections.
    3. Contact Details for Inquiries regarding Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure and Other Inquiries
      Valuence Japan will handle any requests in regard to notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the contents, suspension of use, elimination or suspension of provision to third parties in regard to personal information obtained by Valuence Japan hereunder that is subject to disclosure, or complaints or inquiries in regard thereto, if requested by the principal, through either of the followings. Furthermore, in regard to personal information that you inquire about, please note that Valuence Japan cannot comply with your request in regard to personal information that cannot be disclosed pursuant to provisions of laws and regulations or personal information for which storage period established by Valuence Japan has expired.
      Contact:Personal Information Office
    4. Precautions to Observe when Entering Personal Information
      Entry of personal information should be made on a voluntary basis, however, please note that Valuence Japan cannot respond to inquiries, contact customers or provide service to customers if required information is not entered correctly.
    5. Collection of Information that does not Easily Lead to the Identification of the Individuals Concerned Valuence Japan’s website uses a technology named Cookies.
      1. Cookies are a technology that enables a web server to identify a customer’s computer by storing a file on such computer when the customer accesses a website.
      2. Valuence Japan uses Cookies only to provide service on the Website, improve convenience, serve Valuence Japan’s advertisement on various sites on the Internet or acquire statistical data. Cookies do not include any information that can identify an individual such as a customer’s name or contact information.
      3. Third party service providers (e.g. Yahoo! Japan, Google), which Valuence Japan outValuence Japanrces its advertisement, will deliver ads in accordance with previous access information to Valuence Japan’s website using Cookies, in compliance with their respective Privacy Policy. Customers can access the Opt-out page of such third party service providers and invalidate the use of Cookies for delivery of ads.
      4. It is possible to invalidate the functions of Cookies by changing the settings of your browser, however, please note that as a result, it may be possible that any or all services provided on the Website may become unavailable.

Established: December 1, 2017
Revised: February 14, 2018
Revised: March 1, 2020

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